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Your trusted partner in Rural Employment

Proudly Australian owned and operated family business since 2000 

About Us


RANZA Australia is one of Australia's most experienced Rural Employment Agencies.  RANZA Australia is a family owned and operated WA-based business and has been operating across Australia for more than two decades under the same trusted management. 

We specialise in Rural Recruitment and support permanent and seasonal job placement across Australian Farms.  Our staff are recruited throughout the year from Australia, New Zealand, UK and around the world. We place staff to Australian farming operations small and large including cropping, stock, sheep, cattle, mixed farming, stations, and dairy.  We also place staff with farming-associated contractors.

Our Services include:

  • Recruitment and selection of qualified candidates

  • Match and placement of qualified candidates

  • Management of replacement guarantees

  • Rural employment advisory services 

Why Choose RANZA

Why do Employees choose us?

  • We are a caring family-owned and operated business.  We create personal connections with our employees.

  • We are easy to work with.  Our registration process is simple, easy and at no charge to our employees.

  • We can offer our years of experience.  We are available to provide advice and discuss employment options in Rural Australia.

  • We have one of the most extensive client networks in Australia.  Our client network improves our employees options and their chance of placement.

Why do Employers choose us?

  • We are trusted.  Our founders owned and operated farms.  We have been a trusted, experienced, partner in rural employment for over two decades. 

  • We are WA-based, family owned and operated.  We have a personal connection with our clients.

  • We offer better value.  Our fees are highly competitive.

  • We offer better replacement guarantees than our competition:

    • A six month guarantee for permanent staff.

    • A one month guarantee for seasonal staff. 


  • Our employees return to us and our clients.  We have a high percentage of returning seasonable staff.


We have placed thousands of employees from around the world.  If you are interested in working in Australia please register or contact us today to learn more.


We are one of Australia's most experienced Rural Employment Agencies. We offer the best value for money staff placement and the best permanent and seasonal guarantees in the business.  


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Address: PO Box 298 Bunbury, Western Australia 6231

Calling from Overseas:  Tel: +61 (8) 9797 0249

Calling from Australia:  Tel: (08) 9797 0249

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Meet our Founder

Kelvin Thompson comes from a farming background and has operated farms and research stations across Australia and New Zealand.  He is a passionate advocate for Australian Farming and Rural Employment.


Kelvin Thompson

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