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What is it like living and working in Western Australia?

Western Australia is huge! To give you an idea, the entire United Kingdom will fit into Western Australia alone nearly 10 times and New Zealand fits 9 times into Western Australia! Western Australia is 1/3 the land area of Australia with 1/10th of the population and you can fit most of Europe into Australia with room to spare! The climate ranges from cool at the South to extremely hot in the North. WA also has a large agriculture base, especially wheat farming, along with sheep stations in the South West of WA and very large cattle stations in the North of the State. These offer many ranges of agriculture jobs, from seeding and Combine harvester operations, to large sheep farms in the mid and lower inland WA. Tractor driving at seeding and Header or Combine Harvesters along with truck driving at harvest time, plus there are usually some general farm - stock and fencing type work on offer. Work can depend upon the amount and timing of the rains.  Australia crops an area approximately the size of New Zealand, Western Australia produces approximately half the total tonnage of grain produced in Australia

What is the ‘Wheat Belt’ of Western Australia?

The area known as the 'Wheat Belt' where most of the grain is grown, extends inland from North of Geraldton and runs right the way down to Albany and East of  Esperance in the States South and extends east away from the coast to Southern Cross, Beacon. Farm sizes in WA can vary from a 3000 to over 20000 hectares


What crops are grown in Western Australia?

Here are some of the major crops in Western Australia:  Wheat, Barley, Canola, Oats, Lupins, Peas


When is the seeding season in Western Australia?

The seeding season in West Australia usually starts around April/May to June/July, depending on when the rains start after the dry summer. This is the biggest demand employment can start as early as Feb., but the vast majority of Staff arriving April. Some Staff are retained after this period for Spraying & Top dressing. During this period tractors can be operated 24 hours a day on 12 hour shift arrangements.


When is harvesting season in Western Australia?

Harvesting the mainly wheat crop starts between October and December, again, depending upon the opening rains. Harvest commences with haymaking & swathing in October with Headers starting to operate at the end of October. Harvest is usually over by Christmas with some seasons & later Districts going into January. This varies according to the District & Season.

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